It’s that time of year again! The Britain-wide Oxfam Bookfest is approaching. I know, better than Christmas, right? Well, for a lot of people throughout the world, it probably is. This year it will be from 2-17 July, and as the signs of last year’s event proclaimed: “All our books have a happy ending!” All the books donated and sold through Oxfam shops help to make the world a better place. With children in Africa receiving education and clean water, adults learning valuable commerce skills, and other poverty-fighting operations going on at home and away Oxfam does much to ensure happy endings everywhere.

Although the Oxfam Bookshops scattered about the UK make it clear that books provide an excellent way of helping others- easy to donate and very much wanted by the public- the regular Oxfam shops of clothes, accessories, and hats often carry books as well. These shops need the increased awareness brought on through the Bookfest event to remind people of the important role donated books play in the fundraising for world aid. Places like the beloved Hay Festival provide more opportunities to donate and help out the Oxfam cause.

The Bookfest offers different events throughout the country, each organized by each shop. Even famous people can drop by! I would definitely want to meet Bill Nighy! According to the website: “Now in its third year, the two–week festival will run from 2–17 July 2011 and will feature more than 400 local promotions and book-related events which will take place in Oxfam shops and other venues across the country.

The events will feature a host of authors, poets and celebrities, and activities for the whole family.”

So, whether you donate the books or give money by buying the books, you can always drop by and see what’s happening at your local Oxfam. And perhaps pick up the new OxTravels (wink wink).

Remember: 2-17 July!