So, who likes to travel? And who likes books? Probably most of the people reading this blog. Basically, Oxfam has put together these two most beloved of past-times, reading and traveling, into a fabulous new book.

OxTravels is a compilation of various short stories written and lived by some illustrious travel writers. Oxfam asked Britain’s most well-known and interesting travel writers to recall a significant escapade – ‘one that has enriched them as a writer’ – and OxTravels is the result.

Each author has donated their royalties from the sales of OxTravels to Oxfam itself, the world will be a better place from the purchase of the book as well as from reading it. As you know from previous posts, Oxfam gives help to the unfortunate all across the globe, including the UK and Africa. They build wells and buildings, provide books and education, and teach useful skills to needy people. I would think this book would be a great gift- not only does it have great stories from around the world, but all the proceeds go to a great charity.

With authors like Paul Theroux, Lloyd Jones, Chris Stewart, and Colin Thubron it can’t fail to delight!

Adventure, books, and charity all together- what could be better?