So, I am an old book lover, and I feel that the ancient covers are what make a library look prestigious and comforting. But a lot of people seem to enjoy the new, shiny covers of the more modern books. What is it that attracts people to the pastel-colored “new fiction” section over the classics? I grant, some new fiction is well worth reading, but what possesses publishers to put them in such silly looking covers? It makes them all look, at first glance, to be girly romance novels. At least to me. These ones to the right are alright, but still have a bit of a hodge-podge effect when placed on a shelf. I understand wanting to make your novel stand out from all the rest to get bought, but it does make the library itself look less refined. I guess its hard to get your book noticed if it looks like all the others. BUT for myself, as a reader and (hopefully) a future personal-library owner, I much prefer the respectful old-spined-view provided by nice old books. I mean, really, which do you prefer?