Post- Easter Chocolate!

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!

I know I did, we had a big family do out in the country with horseshoes and hill-billy golf (don’t ask) and lots of cheesecake. But the eternal problem came up again, as it has every year since I was a bit more grown up.

There is way too much candy left over! I know its in the house- so I think about it and eat it constantly! Its a problem. My more “mature” metabolism just cannot handle it.

Just thinking about it now makes me want to go in there and finish off another couple of peeps. (By the way, Peeps are awesome, and the UK should definitely get on the import wagon. Who could resist the sugary marshmallowy goodness, especially when they stare up at you with their cute little chocolate eyes?!)

So what is your favorite of the easter-themed chocolates and candies to eat on the day or in the post-easter extravaganza? I know there is a general obsession with Cadbury eggs in England, but are they a favorite or just ubiquitous? When sitting at the register in Oxfam I was always staring over at the giant Fairtrade chocolate easter eggs. Those things were MASSIVE and looked amazing! Fortunately my self control was strong enough while working, but I may have to jump in there if any are left after the big day. Now that my sugar tooth has been awakened…

I hope everyone has enjoyed the chocolates and candies of easter, and if not- hurry in and see if there is any left in the shops! (And support charity and Fairtrade- wink wink nudge nudge)

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