If you are like me, you may not know what on earth a Biggles could be. So, since Oxfam is now overflowing with “Biggles,” I decided to do a bit of research and write a post so that hopefully others can come enjoy our Biggles as well!

Turns out, Biggles is a nickname for an adventurous pilot in a 1930s-1960s series of novels called James Bigglesworth. With amazing names for his novels (written by W.E. Johns) like The Camels are Coming and The Black Peril, and a repertoire of almost a hundred novels spanning decades, Biggles is clearly a hit.

The titles and cover art are really charming, and you can clearly see why we keep them in our “Nostalgia” section! These would be fantastic gifts for reminiscing over or reading to your kids. I know I would rather my (future) kids to read the older classics from a former time rather than the silly things you can find these days.

Although I have to say I have a rather fond love affair with “the old days.” I may not have lived through them myself, but I have always loved old shows like I Love Lucy and Bewitched, vintage clothing and classic novels. So that could have some impact on my fascination with these old nostalgic novels!

Anyhow, they look really interesting and I think they would be a fabulous addition to any library or kids’ room. Oxfam Petergate is the place to go! (As always ; )