Maybe because I’ve always been a book-girl, but I have never seen the attraction of reading off a little screen. I mean, keeping a kindle on a shelf just doesn’t have the visual impact of row upon row of actual books. And the feel of it in your hands isn’t the same. You can’t smell the musty pages in a particularly old copy or fold down the page quickly when distracted by the train reaching your stop. I don’t know, I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s for those strange people who love progress for progress’ sake. Or they just love those futuristic movies in which everything has little computer screens and its all hooked up to everything else. I do love films, but I’m hoping that real, solid books continue to grace my shelves for the rest of my life.

Is it just me, or do other people also get a headache after staring at their computer screen for too long? I think there have been studies about that, and about how some computer people don’t get enough good sleep because the light from the screens messes with their internal monitors. It just seems like reading books off yet another screen wouldn’t be pleasant over long periods of time.

Maybe these eReaders are designed for those people who didn’t read much before. I could see how some people might be lured into reading more often if they could be seen with a new gadget and feel futuristic, and the privacy would be nice for those who love the embarrassing stories ; ). I can’t remember if I have ever been ashamed of what I am reading. Maybe when one of my fantasy novels has particularly uninspiring or juvenile-appearing cover art. (What some people are thinking when they approve that sort is BEYOND me). But that has never been a concern for me.

Also, I don’t think one of those screens would fit into my handbag nearly so easily as a real novel. And I would constantly worry over it being scratched or broken, a cover only serving to make the thing that much more bulky and unwilling to squeeze into a bag.

What wold happen to charitable book donations?!?!

Anyhow, I think my previous feelings on the Kindle and eReader are clear. And I would like to say that they still hold the majority opinion for me in regard to the little devices. However, in the past few days I can readily see an appeal to them. In packing up my apartment for a move across Yorkshire I realized just how many books I have. And those are just the ones I have owned in England! I think I used up all the boxes I had been saving just on a books. Upon traveling to London and the airport there (in order to fly back to the states for a bit), I can even MORE appreciate why having all your novels packed into a light and slim computer screen would be helpful. I had recently started the Penguin Complete Sherlock Holmes compilation, which is about 4 inches thick. That along with a couple of as-yet-unread novels I would need for the trip added a considerable weight to my bags! SO now I see a brilliant effect of the Kindle and eReader phenomenon. Convenience.

Although, I think I still remain unconvinced. And I would not give up libraries for the world.








*All use of “and” at the beginning of sentences are used for effect of delivery and Oxfam and everyone knows that that is against all grammar rules. You will have to forgive me.