Every year (well, for the last couple years but its going strong) Oxfam has organized a fortnight of book promotion for all its shops. There are events and activities planned nationwide – all in the name of promoting the charity and the importance of books. According to the national GB website: “Oxfam shops will host a myriad of book events, competitions, auctions and local family fun, celebrating all that the charity does with books.” I think that’s pretty clear from the title, but just in case people need it spelling out.

Anyhow, in the past shops have had kids coloring activities of bookmarks, film screenings (last year Oxfam Petergate’s screening of The History Boys went down quite well in York), poetry readings (hopefully with all the snapping and beats one could ever dream of), and specialized book pub quizzes. What we are wondering now, as we ponder the question alongside those meaningful queries about life and lunch, what those of you in York would like to have this year. If you have any grand plans or whimsical notions of possible events for Oxfam Bookshop to host here on Petergate, or at the city screen as films necessitate (all thanks to those who help us out there), please let us know!

This is a city-wide call for all suggestions, ideas, notions, and possibilities for this year’s Bookfest! (*And if you aren’t in York, but still have ideas, you are still welcome to share!)

Oh, and this year the festivities will brighten up your July! Get ready, we have to fit so much awesome into just the 2nd to the 17th!