As Oxfam is an equal-opportunities pet-loving shop, we like to give you a bit of choice in which pets to take care of. No, we don’t actually have pets in the store, and no, you cannot adopt one through us. Oxfam helps PEOPLE all over the world, the animals of the globe are only aided through our well-stocked shelves.

Right now those shelves have some pretty extraordinary books for helping you take care of your furry friends (and some not so furry). Ferrets for Dummies will be sure to enlighten all those people who want to wriggle, there is a particularly nostalgic book regarding dragons, and more bunny books than you can count.

Now I’m not sure what caring for a dragon would entail, maybe some scale cleaning, nail filing, and some large-game hunting. If you can find a dragon to care for, that is. I hear they’re pretty elusive. *Note: Oxfam takes no responsibility for suggesting people keep dragons as pets. They are supposedly quite dangerous and everyone should attempt befriending one at their own risk. Donkey did it quite well, and even got little flying-donkey babies out of the deal. Of course,  he is a cartoon and completely fictional. Unlike dragons in general. I would imagine bunnies would be slightly less high-maintenance for the first-time pet owner. Hint, they like carrots.

Now how could anyone resist them?? Absolutely adorable. And just in time for Easter! (Incidentally they LOVE when their humans buy Fairtrade, it makes them feel warm and fuzzy, and we have lots of giant Fairtrade Easter Eggs downstairs to inspire them! There are some particularly dark chocolate eggs that make my mouth water just looking at them). Anyhow, I think they might be a bit less hassle as pets than a rampaging beasts that knights have had to hunt down for centuries. What else could they do, those darn dragons keep stealing princesses! Well, this rabbit might actually be able to steal a few princesses himself. Dang! There could be like fifty normal sized rabbits in there!

Basically, the Oxfam Books on Petergate is the place to go for fun books about pets. And other things. I know we have a bunch of Johanna Trollope books, and she is actually coming to York in April to talk about her new novels and sign your copies! Now, I know Waterstones is providing books to buy at the actual event (held on 15 April at the Explore York Library Learning Centre), but why would you buy those expensive books when Oxfam has some good-as-new copies for so much less! And the money goes to help the less fortunate all around the world. So you get a good read, personally signed by Trollope herself, and the warm and fuzzy feeling of helping out your fellow man (normally reserved for those cuddling bunnies).