Since I am foreign to this chilly land, I thought I would do a little research into what exactly Red Nose Day is. The past few years I have just watched my housemates rush to put on the tv, not really knowing what these people were doing, or why they were wearing giant red poofs on their faces. But this year, in order to further understand the culture with which I now live, I am going to find out what it all entails.

Actually, the website jsut says what I already knew: famous people go on tv to make people laugh and raise money for charity. But how does watching give money? It still didn’t make immediate sense. So I looked deeper and found that everyone was meant to raise their own charity money as well. That’s a pretty good sentiment! They offer ideas and tips for people to try, like getting people to sponsor you for dying your hair red, wear something funny to work or holding a bake sale.

Has anyone done this recently, though? This is the week for it! I really hope to see people walking down the streets of York or into the Oxfam shop wearing some ridiculous outfit. Although, there are lots of people who dye their hair red for fun, so how can you tell the people who did it for charity? Maybe they also wear a nose.

Speaking of the noses, I particularly like the giant ones for your car. That way you can drive around and everyone else can still tell you’re supporting the cause! And they just make your car look cute. Well, a Land Rover Defender might have a hard time looking cute, but Im sure the monster nose would get it a lot farther along. We still have lots of those monster noses to choose from down in the Petergate Bookshop (nudge nudge wink wink)..

Oxfam, Sainsbury’s, and TKMaxx are the only companies that are selling the Nose Day regalia! And while you’re in the shop you can always browse through the books and get a funny novel to enjoy, too. I did see a Jeremy Clarkson book down there.

The best part of Red Nose Day, it seems to me, is the work they do with the money. Not only to they help the disadvantaged of Africa, but they help those right here in the UK who need it. In all the efforts to save people abroad, sometimes the helpless right here in this country can be somewhat overlooked. Not so with the Red Nose Day funds! They give blind people sight (apparently 80% of it is preventable and treatable!), promote mental health, support education in Africa, preventing and treating malaria, promote infant health,

Around Yorkshire and the Humberside they have these projects in the works:

  • Yorkshire MESMAC
  • Sheffield Yoga for ME/CFS
  • Worksop New Life Community Center
  • Rawthorpe & Dalton Youth & Children Activities and Leisure
  • Sheffield Futures
  • Women Center
  • South Yorkshire Eating Disorders Association
  • York Rock-It-Ball Club
  • Streetreach
  • Last End Farm Trust
  • Flower Estate Community Association
  • Women’s Active Project
  • Hallamshire Outreach Project

Just to name a few! I’m pretty impressed with all the projects they have going on, and if they have this many just around here, think how much good they’re doing all over the UK and Africa!

It seems that the famous people not only raise their own money through doing crazy things on tv this friday, but they inspire us, the common folk, to get involved and raise money among ourselves for the cause! So this Friday we should all join together and be ridiculous for money.