Well, it has reached that time- the end of Fairtrade Fortnight at Oxfam. And to honor the hard working farmers everywhere, we will have posted here the last (but certainly not least) in the glorious parade of Fairtrade recipes. No, no. Don’t cry. It will be ok. There are lots of recipes posted on the Fairtrade Foundation website, and even more in the pamphlets I’m sure you picked up over the last couple weeks. And if you didn’t, fear not. You can always convert other recipes into Fairtrade creations simply by using Fairtrade products! I know, brilliant.

Anyhow, for the final recipe I thought I would pick a personal favorite of mine:


By Michael Barry

2 eggs, separated*
10 sugared sponge biscuits
75g/3 oz icing sugar
300g/12 oz mascarpone cheese
125ml/5 fl oz double strength Fairtrade ground coffee
75g/3 oz Fairtrade chocolate
Aerosol can of whipped cream


  • Place the mascarpone cheese, two yolks and a little sugar in a mixing bowl and beat until well mixed.
  • Whip egg whites until stiff, then add the rest of the sugar. Fold into the cream mixture.
  • Pour some double strength filter coffee into a bowl, and dissolve a couple of teaspoons of icing sugar into it.
  • Dunk five of the sponge fingers into the coffee, soaking thoroughly before placing them in a serving bowl or basin. Make sure they don’t get too soggy.
  • Grate half the chocolate over the mixture.
  • Create the second layer by repeating steps 4 – 6.
  • Finally, decorate with cream.

* If you are concerned about the use of raw eggs in this recipe, Michael Barry has suggested that as an alternative you could use 100 ml/4 fl oz of Greek yogurt. However, he added – with a hint of regret in his voice – that it wouldn’t taste quite the same.

That sounds like some good advice, although I’m not too worried about the raw eggs idea. I eat tons of cookie dough, and I’ve never had a problem! (knock on wood).

Tiramisu is amazing, and if it turns out correctly (mine never seem to stay in the traditional square shape)- kudos! I’m sure your friends and family will appreciate your efforts, or if you can’t help yourself and eat it all without any help, I’m sure you will appreciate it on your own! I know I have done that with far too many cookie and scone batches… it starts out as a taste test and ends with the bowl scraped clean and crumbs littering your face. But it tastes good, so its all ok.

So that wraps up the Fortnight of Fairtrade, though I do hope everyone continues to support the cause throughout the year. These couple weeks have just been to kickstart the habit and get people aware!

Coming up next week: RED NOSE DAY! We have got red noses galore- even those for your car and your bouncing headbands! I believe you call them “deely-boppers” and they’re pretty awesome. If you want to support the charity of Comic Relief, there’s all sorts to choose from. There are also some pretty fabulous looking easter eggs out! Those Divine Dark Chocolate eggs have been calling to me from across the counter… I’d make a move before I lose control and eat them all. And they’re Fairtrade food! What’s not to love??