Well, its been a while. The Oxfam computer has been snowed under with ebay and ABE, as well as becoming occasionally buried under the enormous shifting dunes of books up here. Good to reopen on a happy note though – Oz Hardwick is releasing his new book of poetry (The Illuminated Dreamer) and he’s chosen our Oxfam to launch it in! It’ll be on Wednesday 6th October at 6:30 pm, and you can access his website section at here.

The blurb: ‘Oz Hardwick uses all the tools of writing he can muster – a curious mind, an observant eye, a touch of humour, a musical sense – to create a potent mix that delichts and instructs. He is at ease crossing geographical frontiers and academic borders as well as historical timelines. Above all, he is an engaging communicator’.  The event is free (though donations would be greatfuly recieved) and you get the chance to meet this well recieved ‘York based writer, photographer and occasional musician’, as well as pick up a copy of his new book.

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